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Iím leaving on a jet planeÖ - 16 October 2006
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Iím leaving on a jet planeÖ

16 October 2006 - 10:18 am

I donít remember if that was the Mamaís and the Papaís or not. Guess that shows how old I am if Iím using that song. The thing is that I do know when I will be back Ė on the 6Nov06. Iím leaving on the 20th of this month. Going to be gone for 18 days. To Japan. Again.

Iím not trying to sound like Iím not going to enjoy myself, as the first time I was there I really enjoyed myself. And Iím not going to be with a bunch of kids and their parents, being rushed from one place to another. Itís with someone who I think will enjoy the trip also and I feel I can travel with.

Something has started to not feel right about this trip and I canít put my finger on it. I know on some trips I have done I resist till I push my self out the door and into the car, but itís not that feeling.

Something is just not feeling rightÖ

And I canít put my finger on itÖ

Time to try and push this aside for now and get some work done.

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